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Welcome to Osel Group - a new generation of medical and educational institutions that are integrated under one roof.

Changes are rapidly coming in medicine worldwide. Osel’s aspirations will be different from traditional medical practices radically.

In developed nations, such as the United States, predictive analytics are the next big idea in medicine – the next evolution in statistics – and medical service providers roles will change as a result.

As Sir William Osler, widely acclaimed as the Father of modern medicine, puts it,

“Medicine is a science of uncertainty and an art of probability.”

There will be a paradigm shift from medical doctors seen as the decision maker in health to the patients and their families at large.

Patients will have to become better informed and will have to assume more responsibility for their own care, if they are to make use of the information derived. Physician roles will likely change to more of a consultant than decision maker, who will advise, warn and help individual patients. Physicians may find that with the new practice, positive outcomes increase and negative outcomes decrease. Perhaps time with individual patients will increase and physicians can once again have the time to form positive and lasting relationships with their patients.

We had often heard that these familiar reasons: time to think, to interact, to really help people; thus relationship formation is one of the reasons physicians say they went into medicine. When these diminish, so does their satisfaction with their profession.

Hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and insurance providers will see changes as well. For example, there may be fewer unnecessary hospitalizations, resulting initially in less revenue. Over time, however, admissions will be more meaningful, the market will adjust, and accomplishment will rise. Initially, revenues may also be lost by pharmaceutical and device companies, but then more specialized and individualized offerings will increase profits.

The medical service providers, stakeholders and entire ecosystem may be forced to find newer and better solutions, ultimately providing them with fresh sources of revenue. There may be increased governmental funds offered for those who are innovative in approach.

Predictive medicine will allow room and choices for patients to adopt preventive measures that are often personalized and precise in nature. The bedrock of this approach will be educating the public at large, our collective responsibility in healthcare.

Osel group, we pride ourselves in developing predictive, preventive, personalised and precision medicine.

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