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Dr. Kris See

Medical Director / Chief Clinical Scientist

Imagineer, Medical Futurist, Speaker, Humanitarian. Dr. Kris is passionate about bringing about society improvements at large through impactful healthcare.

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Dr. Inderjit Ludher

Family Medicine Consultant

Ex-president of Academy of Family Medicine Malaysia. Passionate about Life.

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Dr. Ong SY

Women's Health & Wellness / Clinical Scientist

Women's Health and wellness. Anti-aging. Hormonal Therapy. Clinical research in Women's Health and wellness.

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Dr. Jeff Khor

General / Wound Physician

Chee Hai has worked for various institutions in public sector before joining Osel Group. He has a keen interest in the research and therapeutics of wound care.

In 2016, he won 3rd prize in Public Health Poster presentation in 8th Sarawak Health Research Day.

In his free time, he contributes to various charitable & voluntary organizations within Malaysia.

Chee Hai now serving as general / wound physician under Osel Group Clinic . He is currently residing in Selangor, Malaysia.

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Dr Sergei Krainuchenko                      B.Sc (Clin.Sc.) M.B.Sc. (Osteo) 
Certified member of Australian Osteopathic Association


Osteopathy is a system of health care which recognizes that the self-healing, self-regulating ability of the body is dependent upon a number of factors, including favourable environmental conditions (internal and external), adequate nutrition and normal structural integrity. It utilizes generally accepted methods of diagnosis, as well as certain specialised ones developed to facilitate accurate structural assessment. It places special emphasis upon the importance of body mechanics, and uses manipulative techniques to detect and correct, faulty structure and function. To speed up your recovery, an accurate diagnosis and time dedication will be provided in every session to ensure you understand your condition and injury.

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