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Digitalisation and medical technology have empowered individuals and promote accessibility and affordability to patients at large. In many developed nations, predictive analytics are the next big idea in medicine – the next evolution in statistics – and medical service providers roles will change as a result.


As Sir William Osler, widely acclaimed as the Father of modern medicine, puts it, “Medicine is a science of uncertainty and an art of probability.” There will be a paradigm shift from medical doctors seen as the decision maker in health to the patients and their families at large. Patients will have to become better informed and will have to assume more responsibility for their own care, if they are to make use of the information derived. 


Physician roles will likely change to more of a consultant than decision maker, who will advise, warn and help individual patients. Physicians may find that with the new practice, positive outcomes increase and negative outcomes decrease. 


Medical progress to this point has been mainly based on advances that benefit the population as a whole rather than you as an individual. So we need two things: first, we need ways of predicting and detecting disease well before it becomes life threatening; and second, we need medicines that work for you and your unique body. Healthcare in the past has traditionally emphasised on treatment solution(s) whenever someone get sick, however healthcare of the future will be base largely on how not to fall sick. Predictive medicine will allow room and choices for patients to adopt preventive measures that are often personalised and precise in nature. The bedrock of this approach will be educating the public at large, our collective responsibility in healthcare. 

Sustainable developmental goals are embedded within our philosophy. We advocates sustainable healthcare and mindsets. Sustainable health is an individual's commitment to maintaining and taking responsibility for one's own health, through preventative (proactive) means or even, with current technology, predictively. This means not only having regular exercise, and taking care of our diets, but knowing before-hand what one would be predispose to, and thereby personalised each unique individuals' care and also maintaining a healthy and balanced state of mind.

Climate change has significant implications for our health. Rising temperatures will likely lead to more frequent and severe heat waves, heavier rainstorms and flooding, and increased air pollution. All of these changes could pose serious, and costly, risks to public health. We understand our collective responsibilities in combating change and we regularly take social leads in this through various of our activities, workshops, seminars and patients' forum.

Last by not least, we invite you to join us on this journey of empowering our collective communities. Thank you for choosing us as your partner in health.




Yours Truly,

Dr. Kris SEE KS

Medical Director

Chief Clinical and Innovative Scientist

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